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Matt will simply amaze your guests. Whether it’s a private dinner for 10 guests, a wedding with 100, or a corporate event with 300+ he’ll have them roaring with laughter and talking about your event for years to come. Matt has spent 20 years working on the magic that he performs. Through thousands of performances he has honed a huge repertoire of exceptional close-up and table magic. He loves magic that relies on sleight of hand and misdirection, and delivers this with a sense of humour that will create a lot of laughter and help to make your event outstanding.

Matt Windsor (LLB, MBA) is a full-time professional magician and pickpocket. As the resident match day magician at Manchester United for 18 years you can be sure that Matt’s magic is of the highest quality. And his extensive international experience of performing guarantees the exceptional entertainment of your guests. From a single table at an intimate private function, to a stage performance for a corporate audience of hundreds, he will ensure a lot of laughter at your event and that it is one the guests will talk about for a long time to come

Matt has been the resident match day magician at Manchester United for over a decade, and he has entertained for numerous other Premiership football teamsters

Matt isn’t just a magician, he’s also a pickpocket. His unique skills will astound your guests. E.g. his “Watch Dog” trick where a guest finds their watch inside the balloon they are holding (Videos). Matt also has the rare accolade of being probably the only person to have pickpocketed a member of The Royal Family, and kept his head! He can even steal someone’s tie and put it on himself without them knowing. An idea he invented and that’s so unbelievable here’s the moment Matt’s helper realises…

Pickpocket magician Matt will astonish your guests. If you are looking for the “Wow! factor” for your event, something completely different that has a few surprises thrown in, and if you’d like to make it an outstanding occasion that people will remember and talk about for a long time to come, Matt will astonish your guests with his unique pickpocket skills. He has possibly the fastest watch-steal on the planet, he can pickpocket phones and wallets from people’s pockets, and even steal someone’s tie and put it on without them noticing, and he’ll keep your guests laughing as he does it. In fact Matt often uses the moment people laugh to pickpocket items from them. He does, by the way, give it all back too!

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