Lamborghini Aventador S Green

Lamborghini Aventador S self drive only covering the whole of the uk

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

In the future it may not be possible to build a new Supercar of this nature due to its naturally aspirated, 6.5 Litre, V12 engine . . . . But as long as Lamborghini continue with this classic formula for creating the ultimate Supercar, let’s just enjoy it to the max!

What’s the difference between Lamborghini Coupe, Spyder & Roadster models?

Well it’s quite simple really. The Coupe is not a convertible and has the normal hard top fixed roof. If your Lamborghini doesn’t state Spyder or Roadster after the model name then it’s not a convertible.
The Spyder has the folding convertible roof – normally soft top – and this is the default style for a fully convertible Lamborghini as in the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. The roof on the Spyder can be folded away under the engine compartment in a matter of seconds automatically with the flick of a switch (unless it’s a really old Lamborghini in which case you may need to pull levers and fold it back yourself).

And then there’s the Roadster. This term is generally now reserved for the V12 Lamborghini’s and it basically means you have to remove the roof panels yourself and store them away (normally in the car behind the 2 seats).

However, this isn’t as difficult as it sounds (regarding the new models) and with the new Aventador S Roadster the roof panels are lightweight and it only takes a couple of minutes to unclip the roof panels and put them behind the seats – and then vice versa when the rain comes on!
So is it worth the hassle in the Roadster models to manually remove a couple of roof panels???. . . .

Well – yes, it certainly is!
It’s the noise you see. This V12 masterpiece has to be heard in all its glory and removing the roof panels is the best way to experience the full concerto – and if it’s raining and you need to have the roof panels on then the next best way is to lower the small rear screen and you get the half concerto which is still magnificent.