Before the idea and fruition of shabang wedding cars, I had a passion for luxurious cars at a young age. I first saw the Film Bullet when I was 7 years old and fell in love with the Classic Mustang. A movie that made Steve McQueen a legend and aspired myself to own a Mustang GT one day.

The dream did become a reality,having my prized Mustang in ventures for Weddings and Special Occasions. It was a classic, iconic American muscle car, ( arguably the best looking car ever created ). Would it find a market for hiring at weddings for Shabang Wedding cars?.

It seemed to be, by my own understanding to be a great vehicle in transporting the small groom party or bridal parties to the venue. As soon as you hear the Mustang, with its iconic rumble, you will generally be captivated by the noise.

As soon as I proposed my idea to a friend, what do you think about Mustangs for weddings? She said, “do it before someone else does it”. From that moment on, there were many more weddings and Shabang Wedding car hire blossomed. One memorable wedding resulted in an elderly couple giving the Mustang the name Sally. The couple got me to play Mustang Sally full blast on the way to the church. Wedding car companies, along with owners of vehicles, could see the potential proposal with me in a commission only basis. It works for all 3 parties, the customers, the suppliers, and myself !

The Dog Chaperone market has really taking off in America and we see the potential, providing a service to you. We thought why not have your best friend, your important furry family member at your wedding. We also have some great reviews of some of the weddings, we have included cars in the UK. If you wish to contact us regardless, reply through this link.

All the very best,

Chris, Steph and the Team at Shabang Weddings

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